Lyme Disease…the Battle Begins Again

“Wow, that just doesn’t make sense,” I said to the ENT doctor. He explained how I had some structural problems in my nose that are probably the cause of some severe sinus pain I’ve been experiencing for the past 6 months. It didn’t make sense because I’ve never had sinus problems in my life, and now, all of sudden, I was having sinus pain so bad, I was calling off work and sometimes taking Vicodin for the pain.

Over the past year, I also began to have severe pain in my right hip. After several visits to the hip orthopedic doctor, several injections to the hip joint, and 8 weeks of physical therapy, an MRI showed I had several structural problems and a labral tear. I was referred to a doctor who does hip arthroscopy and another who does hip replacement. Both said I didn’t actually have a labral tear, but that the tissue attaching to my hip joint was deteriorating, and that can’t be fixed with surgery. They both said it really didn’t make sense for a woman of my age who has been physically active her whole life. Hmmm….something else that doesn’t make sense.

Could my Lyme disease be active again? I didn’t really know if I wanted the answer to that question, but after a friend also asked me the question, I knew I had to pursue it. I saw my Lyme doctor on January 28 and we discussed what I described above, along with some short-term memory issues I was having, two surgeries within a year, not being able to exercise in a year, etc. He said he didn’t think it was my Lyme, but there was one test that would tell us for sure, CD57.

His office drew the blood that day, and 3 days later called to tell me that my Lyme was active again. Tears welled up in my eyes. I didn’t really think this would return. Even the doctor thought that. I don’t want to go through this treatment again because I know I’ll get worse before I get better. God, give me strength.

So the battle begins….again. I’m on two oral antibiotics, Doxycycline and Ceftin, and they are kicking my butt! I have debilitating fatigue, muscle aches/weakness, nausea, and some anxiety. Those symptoms are the Lyme disease reacting to the antibiotics, the disease fighting back against these invaders. Fortunately, this should only last a few days, and then level off.  I am on day 2 of these symptoms and off work. My prayer is that God will give me strength to return to work tomorrow (and beyond) and be able to be productive. In a few weeks, I return to the doctor’s office to get an infusion of glutathione to boost my immune system.

I will be chronicling my journey through this battle in this blog, with the hope that I can educate and help others who may be suffering with Lyme and may not even know it, or may not know where to turn for help. I will be explaining what the CD57 test is, and why it’s a good marker for Lyme. I will be sharing resources, both online and in your community. I will share what exercise works and what doesn’t.

But most of all, I want to share hope. Not only for you “Lymies” out there (Lymies are those with Lyme disease), but for those who struggle daily with chronic illness. Daily I cling to this verse from Psalm 16:8, “I keep my eyes always on the Lord.With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.”

Okay, I do feel physically “shaken” today and there will be other days I “feel” the same, but I have a peace in the process, knowing the Lord is walking through this with me and He will not leave me.

10 thoughts on “Lyme Disease…the Battle Begins Again

  1. Jackie, I feel so badly knowing you are under attack physically again. How difficult it must be right now, not understanding the why. But, how very grateful I am that you know Who holds your tonight, your tomorrow and each day thereafter. Our God is faithful. Keep trusting Him for every ounce of energy you need. My life was so busy the past months, and has calmed down somewhat. When you feel up to it, maybe we could do lunch over your break time. Just let me know. I am praying for you, Jackie.


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    1. Nancy,
      Thank you for your care, concern, but especially for your prayers. Without them, this battle would be overwhelming. I am resting in the peace that God is faithful, and brought me through this battle before and will again. I am trying not to waste the suffering, but ask God what He wants to accomplish in me and through it. Part of that answer has been to share the suffering…but also the Only Hope who leads to true healing. I believe I am also supposed to raise awareness of this insidious disease through my writing. I specifically ask for your prayers for strength to get up and work each day, and for grace and understanding from my bosses and coworkers. I’ll let you know when I’m up to meeting you for lunch.


  2. Thanks Jackie, I will pray for you.  I think you know how Jenn is suffering I’m sure Deb has told you.  Love Teddie

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  3. I am so sorry to hear this Jackie,..and yet with those symptoms I thank God you were able to figure it out and start a treatment that promises something better for your future. Praying for a full and quick recovery.


    1. Beth,
      Yes, God and His Holy Spirit are amazing, as that’s who initially brought this thought to mind. A few days later a friend asked me if I had thought about getting re-tested for Lyme, and I said yes. I felt that was God’s confirmation to go do something about it. So here we are. God brought me here, and I know He will provide the strength needed to walk through it. I do covet your prayers for recovery, and appreciate spreading the word for awareness of this nasty, insidious disease.


  4. Hi Jackie hope all I well with you. I need your help please I’m a littl desperate so here it goes. I am 42 n was digneed w lymes in the first trimester of my pregnancy and treated. Last year 2014 I had a horrible pain right hip ended up torn labrum no surgery just anti inflamatory meds n rest I’m not an athlete nor did I fall nor was I in an accident. Kind of went away but not really. I now hv horrible shoulder pain I can’t sleep and I was desperate so I google torn labrum and Lyme n I find all this information. What can you recommend for me.?


    1. I’m sorry for the long delay in responding to you. I work full time, try to work out when I am able and have been dealing with pelvic pain for about 8 months. I’m not sure how to advise you, but I do know Lyme Disease can ravage all parts of the body. Do you have a Lyme-literate doctor? If not, here is a link to an article that will give you great information: In this article, under #3, they talk about and explain how to get a list for your state. I have referred many people to that site to get help.

      Did the anti-inflammatory meds help the torn labrum? If not, it may need more extensive treatment, like physical therapy or arthroscopic surgery.

      If you suspect Lyme, I highly recommend you get yourself to a Lyme-literate doctor as soon as possible, as they do different tests than the normal labs to test for Lyme. Also, it often takes weeks to get into see a good Lyme doctor. Where do you live?

      I have prayed that Jesus would touch your body and begin to heal your right hip and shoulder pain. I also pray for wisdom and guidance as you seek help for your painful issues and that God will direct you to the right doctor, who is compassionate and understanding.

      Please email me back to let me know how you are doing, and if you find a lyme-literate doctor.


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