Recreate Summertime Memories

 “Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land”            (Song of Solomon 2:12).

Oh, the lazy days of summer and the childhood memories that each one of us has! Drive-in movies, catching fireflies, picking berries, sleepovers with best friends, riding bikes all around town, going to the beach, fishing, camping, marveling at fireworks, eating popsicles and ice cream, and spending time at our grandparents’ house doing lots of different activities.

Many adults often long for “those good ole days” when life seemed so much simpler. Days when there was no school, no work, no schedule, less pressure and lots more fun! For those with chronic illness, we also think of days when we could enjoy an early morning run, swim until we turned into a prune, rode bikes or played ball until we dropped, or camped out in a our backyard without regard for bug bites, backaches, or lack of sleep.

In reading the favorite summer memories of those participating in the Rest Ministries’ Summer Bible Study (,  the one memory that was repeated over and over again was spending time with grandparents at their home doing such things as milking cows, picking vegetables from their garden, picking berries from a bush or vine, sitting on the front porch, listening to their stories, and sharing a popsicle or ice cream with them.

Are you a grandparent? Ever think that inviting your grandchildren to visit and asking them to do everyday tasks with you could be a vacation for both you and your grandchildren? They get a different routine, and you get grandchildren full of energy willing to run errands, to help with your tasks, to listen to your memories of your childhood summers, and to have adventures with you! It’s a win-win vacation opportunity that will make memories for you and your grandchildren. If you’re a parent, visiting your parents for a few days this summer could create memories for three generations of those you love.

The Song of Solomon passage above is a description of the returning of the church to Christ, after a winter of suffering and restraint. Christ also calls our bodies and souls that have been cold, frozen, and hibernating, like the earth in winter, to come forth and bloom as the sun brings spring and, by degrees, summer. It’s a time of beauty and glory and singing that furnishes occasions for joy!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, only You know what makes my soul bloom and my heart sing. As I pray about a time of relaxation and vacation, please give me some practical ideas that will bring both joy and rest within my physical and mental limitations. Amen.

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If you are a grandparent, have you considered inviting your grandchild(ren) and/or children for a few days for vacation? If you are an older grandchild, have you considered spending a few precious days with your grandparents to make lifetime memories? If you’re not either, what activity or vacation would make you flourish and bring you joy?

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