Send ‘Em Packing!

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed” (Proverbs 15:22)

I love to go on vacation, but I hate the packing that precedes it. It was the Thursday prior to our annual beach vacation. Scurrying from room to room, I realized so many items were only partially packed and there were so many items not packed at all! My son was arriving that night from graduate school in Tennessee (we live in Pennsylvania), my daughter and son-in-love were coming the next night from Virginia, and we were all attending our neighbor’s son’s wedding on Saturday, with plans to leave for the beach on Sunday morning.

I had also shopped to have food and snacks in our house, got clean towels out for everyone, made sure bedrooms were ready, and shopped for and wrapped two wedding gifts! Phew! I felt like I was running a bed and breakfast as well as preparing to go away to one! I began to lose track of what was packed and what was not and began to feel a little out of control.

My knight in shining armor (MKISA), my husband, came to the rescue with the official Vacation Packing List (VPL), a Word document with all the essentials we need to think about when we’re packing, divided into three categories: Home (turn back A/C, turn off dehumidifier, put out garbage, etc.), Car (check oil/tires/gas, get spare keys), General (cash/credit cards, cell phones/chargers, medications, reading materials, pillows). We just check them off as we have them packed.

MKISA also asked me what I needed to pack that could not be purchased or rented while on vacation. If we had those, we’d be golden! I told him that was my glasses, my contact lenses, and my medications. I felt so much better after packing these items and going down the VPL.

My husband tends to be very focused and he has a list for almost everything. Sometimes it drives me crazy! God has shown my husband, through 25 years of chronic illness, that being disciplined and writing things down was a key to the “abundant life” God has promised. God provided the wisdom of my husband to bring order and peace to our packing process. Without his counsel, I would not have succeeded.

So take a few minutes and type up a general packing list that can be used for almost anytime you have an opportunity to travel-your VPL. Then the next time you want to take your SWEET<3 (sweetheart) or BFF (best friend forever) away with you, think about my MKISA who supplied our VPL, MIH (make it happen), and HAGT (have a good time)!

IOH (I’m outta here)!

Prayer: Lord, thank You for giving us the time and the provisions for rest and relaxation. Give us each the focus and concentration we need when preparing for a vacation and help us to relax and be at peace once there. Amen.

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What plans can you put in place to prevent feeling overwhelmed or anxious the next time you pack for                        vacation or travel?

2 thoughts on “Send ‘Em Packing!

  1. Would be wonderful just to take a vacation or go over 90 miles from home, or some days just to drive somewhere. I’ve had chronic dizziness for 18 years and vacations are not in the future for us. Fortunately, my husband has always traveled and now, almost retiement age, doesn’t care if he ever gets on another plane. But, boy, would Iike to be able to pack to go somewhere. All the diseases written about on this website are terrible and crippling, at some time, but when your world “turns” you don’t even try to push yourself. You are blessed that you can do all you wrote about doing to prepare for a trip. Guess I’m at a low point and your post “hit me”. Rita


  2. Rita,
    I am so sorry you are unable to travel because of chronic dizziness. The reason I was able to do all that I could do to prepare for our trip is because I am in a period of remission right now from all of my diseases, and I do not take a single day for granted that the Lord gives me when I am able to do these things. I’ve had many periods when I couldn’t work…couldn’t even function and have had to take leaves of absences from work….but the Lord has put a creative and fighting spirit in me and has also opened doors to doctors who have given me “unconventional” treatments that have brought some of the remissions.

    Do you know what causes your dizziness? If you’re like most people who suffer with chronic illness, you’ve been through the gamut of doctors. But please remember that even in our low points, in our weakness, God can still use us. God is stil faithful. Ask God how He can use you and you’ll probably be surprised by His answer! I will be praying for you!


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